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Five Levels of Chaplaincy: 

Basic Chaplain

Certified Chaplain

Associate Board Certified Chaplain

Board Certified Chaplain

Board Certified Chaplain Supervisor

We equip lay people for volunteer and professional chaplaincy and offer life coaching to produce results in both proclaiming and living the Gospel for genuinely changed lives. All of our Chaplains are "Ordained" and considered members of Clergy. 

We collaborate with and recommend the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Education (ICPT) for professional CPE Education. We also recommend the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains (ACCC) and Spiritual Care Association (SCA) for Board Certification of our Chaplains. 

We acknowledge Christ as the head of our life and ministry, submitting all our activities to His will and good pleasure. Our highest priority is proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to produce genuine followers whose lives are changed.

As a nonprofit Ecclesiastical ministry that is set apart specifically for the church, we equip, train, and ordain chaplains who serve a people group to whom they are called to serve. Our chaplains must be members in good standing in the evangelical church as we define the term "Church." 

There is a difference between the words "Chaplain," "Pastor," and "Evangelist." A Chaplain is a stand alone spiritual care provider who learns to practice the ministry of presence with people in crisis or grief. We are caring professionals who listen to understand rather than to respond. We do not prescribe. We encourage and show interest in the other persons story. 

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