mission statement

Make a friend, be a friend, draw your friend to Christ!

We are unapologetically Biblical, Evangelical, Protestant, Christian.

We are an ecclesiastical ministry set apart for the evangelical Christian church to train, ordain, and equip lay people for professional volunteer and vocational chaplaincy. Educational requirements are higher for the vocational Chaplain. 

We will offer certificate educational programs, continuing education, live classroom instruction hosted at supporting churches, and life coaching to produce results in both proclaiming and living effectively for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to produce changed lives. 

We will acknowledge Christ as the head of our life and ministry, submitting all our activities to His will and good pleasure. Our highest priority is proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to produce genuine followers whose lives are changed. 

We will equip chaplains who serve a people group to which they are called. 

We will coach pastors for more effective ministry to grow their churches. We empower disciples to make disciples and leaders to produce leaders. 

We will encourage team ministry with people learning to be on mission in the context of community, learning to live like a member of God's family who increasingly love God, serve people, and change lives. 

We will help chaplains, leaders, pastors, and churches grow and multiply the impact of the Gospel. 

With the Gospel always in focus, we will partner with institutions of higher education to provide Clinical Pastoral Education from a Biblical Worldview. We train students and seminarians for missional living in secular places. We are committed to a robust and effective Biblicaly accurate Christian education. 

With scripture as our guide, we will partner with churches to produce effective servant leaders who cast vision and empower a well mobilized lay ministry that serves the hurting, reaches the lost, and disciples the saved. 

We Will Serve hurting people with the love of Christ, offering friendship wherever we find them.

We Will Attract the people we serve into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to enjoy community with God's family.

We Will Lead well by casting clear vision that motivates action, develops disciples, and produces a leadership pipeline.

We Will Teach believers the what and why of ministry in the context of life well lived for the Gospel.

We Will Shepherd people toward a ministry of service by showing them how and doing it with them.

We Will Send people out, deploy them to do that very same thing. 

As we accomplish our Mission, this will lead us toward reaching the Vision of "Restoring Chaplaincy and Life Coaching to Biblical Christianity."