spiritual gifts assessment

Understanding your Spiritual Gifts will help you understand what God is preparing you to do. These gifts are special divine empowerment given to each believer by the Holy Spirit. These are given to equip us to accomplish a given ministry God's way according to His grace and discernment to be used within the context of the Body of Christ.


Our assessments

Spiritual Gifts Assessment This helps you understand what God is preparing you to do. As a believer, you have the Holy Spirit who brings spiritual gifts into your life. The purpose is to equip you for the work and ministry that God had in mind for you when he first thought of creating you.

Core Values Assessment. This will help you understand why you do the things you do! Knowing your Core Values becomes a valuable tool in your own self-awareness. Together with personality assessment, spiritual gifts, and leadership styles, your Core Values assessment can make you a more effective member of the Body of Christ. But what is the difference between these things?

Personality and Temperament Assessment (We use The Christian DISC). This helps you understand why you act the way you do. God created you with a unique personality. You respond to your circumstances based on your temperament.

Leadership Style Assessment. Essentially leadership is influence. Since all believers are called to "Make disciples," we are therefor called to influence people toward progress and growth at walking the walk we talk. All Christians are leaders. Some are primary leaders and others are hidden leaders. But everyone should be leading someone toward Christ and helping them make progress at living for Him. Do you know your best leadership style?