E&O Liability insurance

We have searched long and hard to find affordable E&O Insurance for our Chaplains. After many months we have found a suitable option. We are not affiliated with HPSO and do not receive any compensation from them. This is made available as an option to our Chaplains. We think it is a good one. The price is very competitive and can be purchased for a variety of professions. 


steps to get a quote

Step 1: Click here to go to the HPSO website

Step 2: Choose the Individual “Getting Started”

Step 3: At the screen “Let’s start your quote” choose student if you are in school, like a seminary or for nursing. You get a discount if that is the case. Otherwise, choose professional (even if you are a lay Chaplain).

Step 4:

1.      Choose your state of residence.

2.     Choose your profession. For Chaplaincy, type “Pastoral Counseling” and it should pop up with that as a choice.

3.      If you belong to ACA, type yes. Otherwise type no.

4.      Then, choose if you are employed in that profession or self employed. Most of our Chaplains are self employed. Hit continue.

5.      Choose either full or part time.

6.      Choose if you graduated from school within the last 12 months. Yes or no.

7.      Hit Continue

Step 5: Choose your coverage limits of liability.

Step 6: Your quote will appear. Hit continue to apply.