Chaplain Devotions

Just 25 cents per devotion for a lifetime habit of peace. 

Chaplaincy is rooted in Christian theology. In the beginning, a Chaplain was clergy who were “Keepers of the Sacred Presence.” In Christ, we have the Holy Spirit in us and wherever we go, there He is! Therefore, we remain keepers of the Sacred presence.

Chaplains do not push faith on people in an obnoxious way. We practice the ministry of presence. We listen to understand rather than to respond. We are genuinely interested in the other person. We are caring, respectful, loving, and a source of peace and calm during a persons storm.

To bring peace we must be at peace. To bring calm we must be calm. It is a requirement for the Christian chaplain to develop a time, place, and plan for practicing the presence of God. This 52 week devotional is designed to help you develop the habit of spiritual disciplines that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry.