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Why give to Christian Chaplains & Coaching?

  • We are serious about returning the ministry of Chaplaincy to its’ Christian and Gospel roots.
  • Our vision is to develop biblical Christian ministry all over our country through teaching, equipping, ordaining, endorsing, and licensing mature Christians for genuine ministry that makes a difference.
  • We would like to offer scholarships to great students who need professional Chaplain training. Clinical Pastoral Education is expensive at $6,500 for all four units leading to board certification. You could sponsor a student by donating to our ministry.
  • We are purchasing a small motorhome so that we can travel in response to disasters and support our Chaplain cohorts across the country. This is a very expensive item and your donations will help fund this.
  • We teach accredited CPE and MDiv courses in a fully online format. Our studio and production equipment needs runs in the thousands of dollars. Might you help us fund this need too?
  • Chaplaincy has been changing over the last 50 years. It is becoming increasingly non-Christian, even anti-Christian in some settings. We are fighting to change that and we need your help!

Thank you for supporting Christian Chaplains & Coaching with your donation! 

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