ecclesiastical Chaplain Endorsement

We are an approved endorsing agency. We only endorse those who are member ordained Chaplains of Christian Chaplains & Coaching. If you have not already become a member Chaplain with us, please start the process with an application for membership and ordination here: Christian Chaplains & Coaching | Submit an Application

For those who are members of Triple C, we endorse for: 

  • VA Hospitals.
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons.
  • NAE Chaplains Commission Endorser for DoD Military Chaplains.
  • Board Certification Agencies; CPEI, ACCC, NAVAC, and SCA. 
  • We endorse for Seminary students in MDiv and DMin programs.

If you need endorsed for something else, we may be able to help you there too. Chaplains who wish to serve in many settings must be endorsed by an approved agency. If you meet the qualifications and would like to be endorsed by us, complete the application form below and pay the $100 fee. Completing the form will initiate a Zoom appointment to discuss your goals and possible endorsement. Candidates for endorsement must meet the qualifications for membership as an Ordained Chaplain with Christian Chaplains & Coaching. Join us. 

For those interested in VA Hospital Endorsement,
please click this to read their requirements.