Becoming a member ordained Chaplain of Christian Chaplains & Coaching is a decision that should be taken seriously. In our process we will assess compatibility between us. We will help you understand all the requirements and expectations. Your call to Chaplain ordination will be assessed. This process is designed to help you discern a true and genuine call on your life to serve as an Ordained Chaplain. Consider this carefully and review the steps shown below.

Typical time frame for completion of this process is 3 to 5 months. 


Please review each step carefully. Follow our process. Trust the process. It will lead to a successful decision. 


    Please be sure to read the membership requirements, statement of faith, core values, and our missional purpose as a ministry. We are a Biblical, Evangelical, Protestant Christian Ministry that is set apart for the Christian Church to teach, ordain, endorse, and train qualified believers for Chaplain ministry. Make certain that you, your church, and denomination (if there is one) are fully aligned with our ministry before you apply. 


    When you are ready to proceed, submit an application for membership and pay the non-refundable fee of $100. This covers our staff time, background check, and will result in an interview with a member of our Executive Team. 


    After submitting your application, our staff will obtain the pastor and personal references, background check, a suitable photo of you, and guide you through the application process. Once submitted and accepted, you will be directed to schedule an appointment by Zoom Video Conferencing for your first interview. Please wait for the directions after your application is completed. 


    After your first interview, if approved to continue forward, you will be enrolled in our award winning Populi Learning Management System to take the required courses. You will be enrolled in a term that begins on the first of each month. Courses must be completed within 2 months. Each course will require about 2.5 hours per week to complete. At minimum, you must complete The Basics of Chaplaincy and Christian Counseling for Grief. In addition, if you plan to serve in prison ministry as clergy for Kairos, you will be required to take the Christian Ministry to the Incarcerated as well. Failure to complete a course within the 2 month term will result in a fail. You may re-take but will have to pay for the course to do so. We believe you will find the courses to be instructional, transformational, and life changing. 


    Once you complete the first two required courses, The Basics of Chaplaincy and Christian Counseling for Grief you will engage in the work of self reflection to assess the reality of God's call on your life. Are you called to become an ordained Chaplain? You will engage with the assessments we provide during The Basics of Chaplaincy which include DISC for Christians, Spiritual Gifts, Core Values, and Leadership Style. You will take a spiritual retreat based on the format we provide. You will consider a document "Am I Called to Ordination." Finally, you will report what you learned about yourself, how your call is confirmed, and the result of your spiritual retreat in a short paper. This will form the basis of discussion during your second interview for ordination. 


    After you complete the course work, spiritual retreat, and submit your ordination paper we will meet for your second interview for ordination. Your paper becomes the basis for discussion during the interview. You will meet with one of our Executive Team members. Relax, this is not a judgmental meeting. This will be a hospitable, loving conversation to zero in on how God is, or is not confirming a call on your life to be one of our Ordained Chaplains. 


    If approved for ordination you will sign a membership covenant and agreement. At minimum you will commit to good communication with us, answering emails, participation with other chaplains, attending our monthly zoom meetings and annual conference as often as possible, obtaining your annual continuing education, maintaining your church membership in good standing, abiding by our Code of Conduct and Ethics, and continue in your personal spiritual growth. We have high expectations of you. Yet, we are here to serve you as well. It is our desire to contribute to your spiritual growth, self awareness, continuing education, and a growing skill in the craft of spiritual and pastoral care to people in crisis. If you become one of our Chaplains, we are partners together in the Kingdom work we share. You will be expected to build a local Chaplain community and recruit others for Chaplaincy who might join our ministry and become members of your local team. Failure to abide by the covenant agreement may result in revocation of your credential.  


    If you are accepted for membership you will be Ordained and Endorsed by Christian Chaplains & Coaching. We will provide you with a Photo ID Badge recognizing you as an Ordained Chaplain and member of the clergy. You will receive a Certificate of Ordination and the right to wear the branded patch and custom embroidered uniform clothing available through our store at Landsend Merchandise. This credential is only valid as your membership and ordination is renewed annually as described below. 


    After you become a Chaplain with us, there are ongoing requirements. Annual dues are paid before December 31st each year in advance. You will submit your payment in a timely manner and also submit your annual renewal form. These are required by or before December 31st. The form will update your contact information, verify continued membership in your church, and document your continuing education. The form is easy to complete and will guide you through all the steps for continuation of your credential. If you left your church during the year, you will provide an explanation and be required to become a member of a new church. We may extend extra time for this if needed. For those ordained during the year, the continuing education requirements are met by the courses taken for ordination. But the form must be completed annually including in your first year of ordination with us. NOTE: You are permitted to be dual ordained by us and with another ministry. Many of our Chaplains are ordained Pastors as well as one of our Ordained Chaplains. Others may also be Ordained by another Chaplain ministry. You must, however, abide by our Covenant to continue as one of our Chaplains. 


    We will be with you and for you on this journey of personal growth, chaplain ministry, and continuing education. We expect our chaplains to be dedicated learners, for that is what the word "Disciple" means, a learner. We encourage you to take courses that we make available and read a few good books from our recommended reading list each year. Please consider enrolling in Clinical Pastoral Education. In this program of four courses you will receive personal one on one Christian life coaching and transformational learning in the craft of chaplaincy through four courses of 15 weeks each. It will change your life in amazing ways. And if you pursue higher education, like a Bachelors or Masters degree, we have a growing number of collaborations with wonderful institutions of higher education to work with. These colleges and seminaries work with us to accept credit from our advanced Chaplaincy and CPE. Keep moving forward. Remember, if you are still breathing, you're not done yet!