Chaplains Academy

We are all about training, equipping, and preparing people of faith for effective ministry. The Chaplains Academy is designed for Pastors, Chaplains, and Lay Ministers of the Evangelical Christian Faith. Our Chaplains Academy will add classes over time to provide Continuing Education Credits. Keep checking back!

  • The Basics of Chaplaincy

    Christian Chaplaincy brings hope, encouragement, and healing to those in need. Chaplaincy is not only for professionals, but for lay believers too. A Chaplain is on mission to people outside the Church.  This course will teach, train, and equip both professionals and volunteers of the Evangelical Christian Faith the basics of serving well as a Christian Chaplain.

  • Christian Counseling for Grief

    Certificate in Christian Counseling and Grief Care is designed to teach the basics of counseling for Christians who feel called to the ministry, along with pastors, and chaplains. Successful completion will earn you a Certificate with 25 hours of continuing education credit.

  • christian ministry to the incarcerated

    In this course you will learn biblical principles for effective ministry in a jail or prison. This course was created at the request of Kairos Prison Ministry and is required for a Chaplain of Christian Chaplains & Coaching who wishes to serve as Clergy on a Kairos inside weekend. Welcome to the prison! 

Accredited Masters Degrees

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Clinical pastoral education

Is it possible to teach CPE from a Biblical Christian worldview? Yes, and we are doing it! For years the only way to obtain a CPE education was within a non-Christian, and in some cases, an anti-Christian worldview. We teach to the common qualifications for Chaplaincy as required for vocational chaplains and Board Certification but we do so from the view of scripture. 

Join us for an unparalleled CPE experience that is transformational to your Christian walk. This will prepare you for Chaplain ministry like no other program we know of.