The Basics of Chaplaincy

We are pleased that you are interested in taking our course “The Basics of Chaplaincy.” You will learn the art of spiritual care in both secular and church settings. This course will follow an 8 week format. You may complete it in less than 8 weeks, but not more than 8 weeks. Actually, most people complete it in a month or so.

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If a student purchases this course but withdraws and requests a refund prior to the first day of class, we will issue a full refund. Once the term begins, no refund is payable. 

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 Important: Terms always begin on the first day of the month. Courses are available on or after the beginning of the term you choose. For example, if you enroll in early January and want to start the course right away, choose the January 1 through February 28 term. If you want a bit more time, choose the term that begins the first day of the following month, or any term you wish to start the course.

Continuing Education Credit

25 Hours

Certificate Generated at Successfully Passed Course Completion

A free PDF version of the textbook is included in the course. However, most people prefer to order the book so they have it printed out for note-taking. The PDF is rather large to print out. 


Course syllabus and layout of subjects covered

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