our teaching philosophy

A = Communicate Clear Expectations

Our teachers will hold students accountable to the pursuit of excellence. Meeting deadlines, quality work, and commitment to learning are core value of our teaching staff.  

B = Create an Understandable Process

Our desire is to give students a process they can follow that will enhance their understanding of the material. A process becomes a workable plan that guides our students across the finish line to graduation. Students gain access to the award winning Populi learning management system. 

C = The Heart of a Coach

We have a heart for helping our students make genuine progress at becoming a better person and an excellent spiritual care provider. We will listen to our students so we can help them grow.  Let us coach you toward progress in your own self-awareness while gaining the ability to truly help others.

D = A Favorable Learning Environment

We are dedicated to the hard work of study and want our students to experience joy in the learning. Though the work is expected to be hard, the resulting life change should bring joy to the experience. If you come ready to learn, to grow, and to become something better, you will enjoy this hard work! 


One of our "Core Values" is the ability and desire to influence people toward pursuing and accomplishing their God given purpose for their lives. As life coaches at heart, we emphasize helping our students become leaders who learn to lead and shepherd others well. Because of this core value of coaching, your experience as a student will be life changing. The hard work of study has its own rewards. Teachers who care enough to give you the coaching and encouragement you need, while holding you accountable, will produce very capable graduates.