institutions accepting our cpe



Below is a list of the colleges and seminaries that we collaborate with, along with their
degree and how many hours of credit can be earned toward the degree by completing one or more courses in our Clinical Pastoral Education program. 

Distinctly Christian. Unapologetically Biblical. Mission focused.

  • Baptist Bible Seminary at Clarks Summit University

    Master of Divinity MDiv

    An 83 hour MDiv program that includes 20 hours of credit for graduates of our CPE program. Essentially, a student can take CPE and would only need 63 more hours to have a full MDiv. 

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  • campus edu

    Providing College level courses for our Chaplains Academy. These courses can cover a wide array of topics for continuing education. Intro to Counseling, Psychology, Biblical Theology and much more. And, these course can be included in an Associates Degree in Chaplaincy, accredited by Kingswood University. This is a wonderful partnership. More details to come. 

  • christian leaders institute

    Associates and Bachelors Degrees.

    With programs in Chaplaincy, Christian Leadership, & Divinity for $3,125 or less, Christian Leaders Institute seeks to offer an accessible opportunity for those called into ministry to be launched with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, and strong and empowered ministry skills. 

  • family of faith christian university

    Offering a Masters Degree in Chaplaincy that includes 4 CPE Courses from Christian Chaplains & Coaching. The CPE you earn from us will provide 24 hours of credit toward this accredited degree program. 

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  • God's Bible School and College

    Master of Arts in Ministry
    A degree designed for those with Bible college undergraduate degrees who want graduate level theology and ministry training. It has an 18-hour core of Bible and Theology plus 18-hour chaplain concentration that includes all four of our CPE Courses. In other words, half of this degree is earned by taking CPE with Christian Chaplains & Coaching.  

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  • southwest georgia theological seminary

    Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Programs

    Dr. Karen Carr, Chancellor, is one of our Chaplains and on track to become a CPE Supervisory Educator to teach CPE. 

    SWGTS accepts our CPE program as well as our certification courses in Chaplaincy and Biblical Grief Care. An affordable local option for an excellent education. 

  • trinity bible college & graduate school

    Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

    Leverage your CPE program to earn a Masters Degree in Chaplaincy that includes 2 CPE Courses from Christian Chaplains & Coaching. The CPE you earn from us will offer 12 hours of credit toward this 48-credit hour degree in a mostly online format.

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