Chaplain application

We are pleased you are interested in Chaplaincy with our organization. Please be sure you are in complete agreement with our Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, and Vision/Mission for Christian Chaplains. To begin the process, simply complete and submit your information below and this will start an application. There will be an application fee of $100.  After you submit all the documents, complete your Chaplain interview and receive approval, you will then proceed with taking the two required online courses: The Basics of Chaplaincy and Christian Counseling for Grief. The course work is an additional $250 for total cost of becoming a Chaplain of $350. There are pro-rated dues for the current year and annual dues of $130 payable in December to maintain your membership and credential.

All fees are non-refundable once paid.

Completing the application and required courses does not guarantee that you will become ordained. This will be discerned through the process as we work together, prayerfully, to see if membership and ordination with Christian Chaplains & Coaching might be confirmed. 

required text books

Each course has a required textbook. You may purchase them at the Amazon links below:

The Basics of Chaplaincy by James Kirkland


Healing Relationships by Stephen Grunlin


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What are "Terms"

Once you submit your application for Chaplaincy and receive approval to continue, you will be enrolled in the next available course term. Each term begins on the first of the month and lasts for 2 months. When you begin your course, you start on the first and must finish within the term. Each course has 8 sections averaging about 2.5 hours per section to complete. You should be able to complete both courses within the term by allocating 5 hours per week. We will help you enroll for the course work in the term that works best for you. 

IMPORTANT:  By submitting this application, you are representing that you are an Evangelical Protestant Christian in complete agreement with our Statement of Faith. Please read it carefully and check with your pastor to verify that your church will also agree with it. Because we provide you with "Ordination," you must meet our membership requirements. Please be sure of this before proceeding. Once submitted, the application fee is not refundable because of costs we incur.

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