our unique approach

FOR INSTITUTIONS: As an approved campus for CPE training, we offer unique services for both students and institutions alike. If you represent an institution (Church, Hospital, Hospice, First Responder, College, Seminary, or other), we would love to partner with you. Talk to us about making you a proctor site for students to serve as interns while on their CPE journey.

FOR STUDENTS: All coursework including live classroom instruction and group discussion is 100% online. We will monitor your required clinical hours in a variety of settings as proctored by a local supervisor while coaching you toward improvement as a spiritual care provider.  

We encourage our students to gain clinical experience in a variety of settings while we monitor their weekly hours. You may choose to serve in any number of environments or combination of them. This can be as a volunteer or paid employee if you have a position. For example, you may obtain your clinical hours by serving any combination of work performed in Hospital, Jail/Prison, Elder Care, Hospice, Crisis and Disaster Work, First Responders (Police, Fire), Military, Counseling and Compassion Care at your Church, Workplace Chaplaincy, and others. Talk to us and we will help you develop a plan for working the hours. Much of the requirement can be met by doing what you may already be doing in ministry now! 

As an affiliated institution and campus for CPEI we offer a curriculum designed to meet the needs and long term goals of our students.  Our collaborations are intended to improve the learning experience and educational outcomes. Our teachers are highly experienced Chaplains and Pastors who also have significant real world business experience. This means that we understand what it means to be truly customer focused. It is our strongest desire to give our students a deeply personal and enjoyable learning experience that will equip them for ministry like nothing else. Our courses will not be easy, but they will be life changing and rewarding.