continuing education requirements

(CE) Credits

CHAPLAIN Required 20 hours of CE per year. We see this as the absolute minimum expectation and desire our Chaplains to earn much more than that. After all a "Disciple is a student who learns and applies so that they make continuous progress." 

Continuing Education Hours Reported Annually


Professionally certified chaplains such as "Board Certified Chaplain," "Board Endorsed Clinical Chaplain," "Board Certified Associate Chaplain," will have higher continuing education requirements as required by the certifying agency. We will accept any hours for CE that your board certifying agency accepts. 

Our Chaplains keep a record of their CE sources and report them by December 31 each year. Continuing education credit hours may be obtained by any combination of items from the following list:

  • Participate in any weekly bible study of your church or small group. This must be a formal bible study taught by a pastor or one of your elders. 

    For each hour of instruction, count as an hour of CE. 

  • Participate in the 12 week truth project study available HERE

    30 Hours

  • Attend any retreat, training, or conference offered by your church, by Christian Chaplains & Coaching Inc., or any Christian ministry. You may include any and all actual workshops, training events, or learning programs. You may not count travel or other items. Course work only please. We accept training provided by Kairos Prison Ministry for CE. 

    For each hour of instruction, count as an hour for CE. 

  • Obtain your Certification in “Critical Incident Stress Management” or "Community Emergency Response Team" by participating in training available in your area and earn CE. Hours vary depending on the course work you do. Two great resources including: International Critical Incident Foundation at and K-Love CRC Crisis Response Training ( We will accept for CE any course taken through these programs. For CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) you must go to a FEMA instructor (  

  • Become a certified facilitator for Marriage and Pre-Marriage counseling by completing the online course. Normal price is $249.99 but our own Chaplain Scott Tilley is an instructor. He will offer discounts to our Chaplains. 

    If you can pull a group of 5 people for a group session, the price will be just $160 per person. 

    Sign up as an individual for just $190 per person. 

    Contact Scott Tilley by email at or call 574-849-7767. 

    To View Prepare-Enrich Course Click Here

    You may claim 10 hours of Continuing Education for this Course. 

  • Read any book from our approved reading list. This list will be expanded over time so check back often. Please note, the Bible is included in this list! We encourage our Chaplains to read and study their Bible regularly. Do so, and earn CE. 

    Credits are allowed at 2 minutes per page. So, pick a book, count the number of pages and calculate the hours at 2 minutes per page or 1 hour per 30 pages. For example, a 400 page book would provide 13 hours of CE while a 200 page book would provide 7.5 hours of CE. 

    If you would like to recommend a book that is not on our approved list, please wrote a short paper summarizing the book. Describe the main point, how it is helpful to spiritual matters, pastoral care, and chaplaincy. Write a short paragraph summarizing each chapter. Even if the book is not approved you will earn CE as described above plus 2 hours for writing the paper. 

  • Attend any of our Monthly Chaplain Video meetings and receive 1 hour of CE for each meeting you attend. Just keep track of the meetings you attended and report it to us when it comes time to verify your CE. 

  • NOTE: All Chaplains must complete the online course "Certificate in Christian Counseling" as a requirement of continuing education. The reason is because all Chaplains engage in Christian counseling. This course is a must. Please take this within the first year of becoming a Chaplain. 

    As we add online courses you may sign up for and complete any course as available. Courses will offer varying amounts of CE and will be reasonably priced, with 50% discount for our Chaplains. Check back often as we will be developing courses and adding them to our website. - Varying hours. 

    Learn more about the Chaplains Academy and view our current course offerings here →

  • Four day certification course in grief support. This is an intensive certification course. It is accepted by the Veterans Administration for Specialty Certification for VA Hospital Chaplains. 

    Normal price is $2,295. Our chaplains in good standing receive a $300 discount for a reduced rate of $1,995. Students and veterans pricing is only $1,795. 

    To sign up you must call Kim Livingston, Director of Certification Training at 818-921-7739, or email 

    If you complete this valuable course you can take 35 hours of Continuing Education Credit. 

    View The Grief Recovery Method Here

    View the VA Acceptance of Certification Here

  • Any course offering from them will qualify for CE. Amount of CE will vary by course. 

    Visit the SCA website here

  • CPE Units 1 through 4, leading to Board Certification, will provide 100 hours of CE per unit. 

    Visit the ICPT website here

  • Attend one of their conferences or courses and earn CE. Any CE accepted by ACCC is accepted by us in kind. Amount will vary by course. 

    If you attend their annual chaplain conference you will earn 50 hours of continuing education credit. 

    Visit the ACCC website here

  • If you create a course or bible study on any spiritual care or ministry topic you may take 1 hour for every hour you spend in creating the course. This can be taken for course writing only, but not for teaching it after you have created the course.