Staff and executive team

  • Pastor Jim kirkland mts bcc cpes

    Executive Director
    Board Member
    Board Certified Chaplain

    Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

    CPEI Training Supervisor


    Jim is happily married to his wife Virginia 46 years. They have four children and four wonderful grandchildren. Jim spent more than 25 years as an executive and CEO of a financial services and business consulting firm. With 30 years Chaplain experienced he served as a volunteer/lay Chaplain in a variety of settings for 15 years, and then full-time vocational chaplaincy for 15 more. Jim attended Moody Theological Seminary and graduated with a Masters in Biblical Theology. He was ordained to pastoral ministry in 2007 and has been a senior teaching chaplain since 2010. Jim is a Board Certified Chaplain, dual registered with both the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains and the Spiritual Care Association. He is a CPE Supervisor Educator and CPEI Training Supervisor. 

  • ray huff mdiv bcc cpes

    Education Director

    Board Member
    Board Certified Chaplain

    Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

    CPEI Training Supervisor


    Ray is a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) with the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains and dual certified with Spiritual Care Association. He is deeply experienced in hospice Chaplaincy. He is Director of Education for Christian Chaplains & Coaching. Ray is a CPE Supervisor Educator. He has served for over 30 years as an ordained pastor and chaplain with the Evangelical Church Alliance serving in churches, hospitals, hospices, and law enforcement ministries. He holds a Master in Divinity. 

  • Greg Frich

    Vice President - Board Member

    Ordained Chaplain

    Greg is a LT. Colonel, USMC, retired. He currently serves as Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. He is the 2019 recipient of the Lee County Georgia "Man of the Year" for Leadership. He is involved in PTSD ministry and Disaster Chaplaincy. For over 25 years, Greg has been joyfully married to his wife, Becki. Together, they have been blessed to parent four sons and three daughters with three grandchildren and counting. Greg served as a Marine for nearly three decades. He still supports our Nation’s military as a defense contractor. Active in their church and local community, Greg and Becki live in rural Lee County, GA. Greg is our go to Chaplain for emergency work and disaster response.  

  • Virginia Kirkland

    Administrative Lead

    Virginia is happily married to Jim and enjoys living in Southern Georgia.  They attend Flint Reformed Baptist Church and enjoy working together to serve our chaplains.  Virginia is experienced with bookkeeping and administrative services, so supporting chaplain candidates toward their goal of chaplaincy is a special joy.

  • KimberlI holcolmbE

    Accountant and Assistant Financial Controller

    Kimberli is an experienced financial controller, worship leader, and we are pleased to have her on our team. She is a Chaplain who serves Kairos Prison Ministry International as Clergy and represents Christian Chaplains & Coaching. 

  • Sarah Aron

    Web and Design Coordinator

    Sarah lives in Northern Michigan with her husband of 9 years, Patrick, and their three year old son.  They attend and volunteer at Reed City Church of the Nazarene. Sarah studied design at Hope College and has been working with ministries and churches since she graduated.  She has experience creating and managing websites, crafting a branding style and logo, and her expertise is in designing eye catching print materials. 

  • Ann Marie Forrest

    Conference Planning Assistant

    Ann-Marie lives in New Hampshire with her husband of over 35 years. They have two adult children. They attend Monadnock Congregational Church in Peterborough NH. Ann-Marie serves as a Deacon at their House of Worship. She and her husband manage multiple business as self-employed individuals. Ann-Marie is an Ordained Chaplain member of Christian Chaplains and Coaching. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business. As a life long learner, Ann-Marie is looking forward to where God is leading her and her family in the next chapters of their lives. She has completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education and is a candidate for Board Certified Associate Chaplain.

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