core values

Study the Bible

A commitment to scripture. This includes a commitment to being students of the word of God as well as learning how to apply it in every situation. We are dedicated to learning how to present the word of God to reach the lost and grow the saved for a changed life. 

Empowered Lay Ministry

We are passionate about encouraging mature believers to learn how to be on mission for Christ in community with others. A well mobilized lay ministry is a powerful way to reach the lost, serve the hurting, make disciples, and help your pastor accomplish the mission for which he was called to serve his flock. Chaplaincy provides a wonderful door opening credential for mature believers who wish to be an active contributing disciple of Jesus. 

Leaders Producing Leaders  

The ability and desire to influence people toward pursuing and accomplishing their God given purpose for their lives. An emphasis on helping many to become leaders of others on that mission. We are committed to leadership that inspires growth and trains people to lead others. We value those who lead by example, having unquestionable integrity and transparency, who love patiently without lording their position over others in an authoritative way, serving as servant leaders that have high expectations for everyone to live as true and loving disciples of Christ. 

Passionate Evangelism and Gospel Fluency

We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ by spreading His love and good news. In other words, we desire to live our lives together in such a way as to show others what it looks like when the family of God shows up in their midst. We desire to become fluent in our understanding of the Gospel and learn how to communicate it effectively when given the opportunity to do so. We are the hands and feet of Christ. We love with the love of Christ in every circumstance while standing ready to share the hope that is within us whenever we are asked. 

Missional Community and Team Ministry

We are committed to working well together as a family and team to accomplish ministry, cooperating with each other and our leaders by being the body of Christ to our community. We desire to do life together on mission, out there where the lost and hurting and dying need us most. We resolve to identify and reach a particular people group or network of relationships with the Gospel and to make disciples whose lives are changed by our service to them. 


We are motivated to be a source of love and encouragement to all those who are hurting, feeling down, or suffering in any way. A key to successful Chaplaincy is practicing the ministry of presence. We will work together to show others they are not alone. We will be tireless in our desire to share our time with those in need. We believe the most important ability for a chaplain is his or her availability to be present with someone in need.


Practice Regular Spiritual Disciplines

We are committed to spending regular time with God in our personal devotions, reading His word, making our petitions known and praying for the people that God places under our care. We are committed to a regular time, place, and plan to be with God every day by practicing the presence of God. We believe this practice will give us peace, fill us with hope, and provide a sense of joy and contentment that will become visible to others as we practice our craft.

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