our vendors

We are very pleased to collaborate with these wonderful vendors who support our ministry and conference. Each of them is a unique ministry with wonderful tools to help our Chaplains, Spiritual and Pastoral Care Professionals succeed in ministry. Each vendor will present a breakout session on a valuable topic. Please be sure to drop by their booth and learn more about them. You will be blessed by the interaction!

  • christian chaplains & coaching

    On mission to restore Chaplaincy to Biblical Christianity. We are unapologetically Biblical, Evangelical, Christian ministry. Teaching to the common qualifications for lay and professional chaplaincy while encouraging our members to stay on mission. And, the mission is what Jesus says, not what the world says. If you long for fellowship and partnership with a truly Christian Chaplain ministry who takes Scripture seriously, we may be your only choice. Join us as we work together to "Make a friend, be a friend, and draw our friend to Christ!"

  • The dewey center for chaplaincy

    Creating opportunities for ministry students to gain experience in a variety of Chaplain settings while working on a Bachelors Degree in Chaplaincy. This is a wonderful place, filled with serious followers of Christ who seek to love all people, serving them well, while ministering in secular settings in such a way as to draw them near to Christ. If Chaplaincy is right for you, consider this one of a kind education to prepare for a vocational or volunteer career in all things Chaplaincy. 

  • the 1687 foundation

    The 1687 Book Ministry exists to give hope and encouragement by providing free Christian resources within the United States. We feel called to support established ministries or organizations: service professions (members of the military, police officers, firefighters, and disaster relief efforts), prison ministries, healthcare facilities, children's programs, and at-risk populations such as homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. 

  • genovations media

    Genovations Media is a full-service media company in Nashville, Tennessee that offers a variety of in-house visual media services including videography, photography, web design, and graphic design. Since 2018 we have been helping business, non-profits, educational institutions, musicians, speakers, and more capture and create the visual content they need to drive their brand's media presence and help them realize their goals. We will be available throughout the conference to take pictures of you and your group, while also recording video for the plenary sessions, and producing PodCast videos for Vendors at the conference. 

  • pruitt health

    Dave Lescalleet serves as the Executive Director of the PruittCares Foundation and Director of Chaplaincy for PruittHealth. In this role he is responsible for the overall provision of spiritual care services within the PruittHealth family of providers. Pruitthealth serves approximately 24,000 patients daily in more than 180 locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Both Lay and Professional Chaplains are invited to serve in these facilities. Hospice employment requires a Masters Degree and CPE. Ordained Chaplains of Christian Chaplains & Coaching are encouraged to volunteer in our Nursing Care Facilities. 

  • kairos prison ministry international

    By bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into prison and to the family impacted by incarceration, Kairos is widely recognized as a highly effective program that positively changes the persons’ attitude and behavior. The Kairos full program involves an extensive Weekend time along with regular gatherings through Continuing Ministry. Kairos is one ministry composed of three programs, Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, and Kairos Torch. Christian Chaplains & Coaching teaches and trains qualified Kairos volunteers to become ordained Chaplains, approved to serve Kairos as Clergy.

  • correctional ministries chaplains association

    CMCA connects, encourages, equips and strengthens Christians as they fulfill the Great Commission in corrections. Christian Chaplains & Coaching is proud to collaborate and partner with this wonderful ministry especially through Christian Chaplaincy. 

  • prison fellowship

    Prison Fellowship® is the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. Established on the belief that all people are created in God’s image and that no life is beyond His reach, Prison Fellowship takes a restorative approach to all those affected by crime and incarceration.

  • gods bible school & college

    God's Bible School and College offers a master's degree in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology. A partnership with Christian Chaplains & Coaching allows chaplains to earn up to 24 graduate credits from CPE taught by CC&C toward a Master of Arts in Ministry - Chaplaincy degree. 

  • reboot recovery

    Overcoming trauma together. Now it's your turn! At Reboot Ministries exists to help people overcome trauma through our faith-based peer led programs. We offer resources and training for Chaplains, spiritual care providers, ministers, and people of faith so that they can come alongside hurting people and help them recover from the trauma that may be holding them back. 

  • christian trauma healing network

    Christian Trauma Healing Network equips people-healers to provide Christ-centered care for sufferers of trauma. Through our training, you can earn a credential as "Certified Christian Trauma Care Provider" CCTCP. We are pleased to collaborate with Christian Chaplains & Coaching to provide training for their Chaplains along with certification to help them help others through trauma. 

  • clinical pastoral education international

    Christian Chaplains & Coaching is proud to partner with CPEI to provide excellent Clinical Pastoral Education as an Affiliate of CPEI. Executive Director, Dallas Speight, is proud to support our ministry and our conference. He will be presenting information from the view of Pastoral and Self Care. 

  • piercing word

    We perform Scripture in dramatic and musical productions that are word-for-word from the Bible with the mission to ignite passion for the Word of God in the heart of the church. We love coming alongside Christian Leaders to bring God's Word center stage at their location, and we equip the Church in the art of Bible memorization through our Warriors of the Word resources. We are a full-time, non-profit, theatrical ministry based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, touring across the country at churches, conferences, colleges, special events, and more. We are pleased to collaborate with Christian Chaplains & Coaching and to make our Bible memory resources available to their entire Chaplain team. 

    A love offering will be collected at the venue. Please donate generously to this great ministry.

  • GriefShare

    Trusted by over 24,000 churches, GriefShare is an easy-to-host, video-based support group program that equips lay leaders to encourage and comfort grieving people. Through this 13-week group, you'll help people discover what to expect in their journey, what's "normal" in grief, and offer support along the way. Christian Chaplains & Coaching highly recommends this amazing resource to our Chaplains for use in their ministry and their church. It can form the basis of an amazing compassionate care ministry for you.