Christian Chaplains & Coaching Serving Kairos Prison Ministry

We are happy to announce that all Chaplains of Christian Chaplains & Coaching are accepted to serve as Clergy on any Kairos weekend.

This is not a program sponsored or offered by Kairos in any way. Our collaboration with Kairos simply acknowledges our Chaplains as Clergy to serve on Kairos Weekends. If you qualify, consider joining our ministry to become one of our ordained Chaplains. 

Candidates must meet the membership requirements of Christian Chaplains & Coaching. This includes the candidate, their pastor, their local church, and if applicable, their church denomination will be in full agreement with our statement of faith. Any church or denomination that has posted beliefs contrary to any item listed in our statement of faith will not be accepted for ordination. 

After being accepted and completing the Christian Chaplains and Coaching “Chaplains Academy” curriculum, a person may become an Ordained Chaplain if approved by our Board of Directors. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 to start the process. 

Our courses are offered to mature biblical protestant Christians who have a minimum of a High School Diploma and can demonstrate an ability to read and comprehend at a high school level and committed to lifelong learning.  All courses are offered on-line and taught within a Biblical Protestant Evangelical Christian worldview.  Christian Chaplains & Coaching requires two courses for ordination and endorsement plus one course required of those who desire to serve as clergy for Kairos: 

1. The Basics of Chaplaincy

2. Certificate in Biblical Counseling for Grief

3. Christian Ministry to the Incarcerated

All Chaplains must complete at least 25 hours of CE per year, with the thought that a disciple is a student who learns and applies so that they make continuous progress.  For all of our Chaplains who serve Kairos as clergy, a further requirement requested by Kairos is the Prison Ministry course.  

Christian Chaplains and Coaching also offers courses to become "Board Certified Chaplain" for those wanting to become vocational Chaplains. We also participate with several Seminaries offering a Masters Degree that includes our biblical approach to accredited Clinical Pastoral Education.


  1. Chaplain Membership, which includes ordination and endorsement. Our credential is recognized and we are approved to provide ecclesiastical endorsement for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Veterans Administration Hospitals.
  2. Chaplains Academy, which provides continuing education courses.
  3. Clinical Pastoral Education for those interested in professional Chaplaincy and Board Certification. We teach accredited CPE curriculum recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


Be sure to read about our minimum qualifications and agree with our statement of faith, code of conduct, vision, and mission. Read the process and expectations also found on the website. We are an unapologetically evangelical, Biblical, and Protestant Christian ministry, and proud to serve with our dear friends at Kairos Prison Ministries International.

  • Cost: $350 which includes the first two required courses. 
  • Annual dues: $130 per year. 
  • Course work: Basics of Chaplaincy and Christian Counseling for Grief. You may complete them both in a single term of 8 weeks, or you may take two terms of 8 weeks each, 16 weeks total to complete the requirements. 
  • Application: The form below will begin your application and guide you step by step through all the required submissions and references.
  • Additional required course: "Certificate in Prison Ministry" will cost $150. 

Join us! To start the process of becoming one of our Chaplains, complete the form below.

Welcome to Christian Chaplains & Coaching!

IMPORTANT:  By submitting this application, you are representing that you are an Evangelical Protestant Christian in complete agreement with the Christian Chaplains & Coaching Statement of Faith. Your pastor, church, and denomination (if applicable) must also be in complete agreement. Read it carefully and check with your pastor to verify that your church will also agree with it. Be sure to read your church and denomination statement of faith. Verify that there is no area of disagreement before proceeding. Because we provide you with "Ordination," you must meet our membership requirements. Once submitted, the application fee is not refundable.