Kairos International

Ministry Collaboration of Christian Chaplains & Coaching and Kairos Prison Ministry

Welcome to Christian Chaplains & Coaching, we're glad you're here. We are happy to collaborate with Kairos Prison Ministry for Chaplain training, ordination, endorsement, and continuing education. We have been approved to offer credentialing as an Ordained Chaplain. This is available to mature biblical protestant Christians who have a minimum of a High School Diploma, complete our education, and qualify to become a Chaplain.

As a member Ordained Chaplain of Christian Chaplains & Coaching you will be accepted by Kairos to serve as Clergy on Kairos weekends. Both men and women can apply for ordination. Never run short of having enough qualified clergy to run a weekend. Your Kairos volunteers who qualify to become one of our Chaplains, are accepted by Kairos. However, Kairos does not guarantee your ordination. For those who meet the requirements and complete the process, you will be recognized as clergy. 

Our ministry has three divisions.

  1. Chaplain Membership, which includes ordination and endorsement. Our credential is recognized and we are approved to provide ecclesiastical endorsement for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Veterans Administration Hospitals.
  2. Chaplains Academy, which provides continuing education courses.
  3. Clinical Pastoral Education for those interested in professional Chaplaincy and Board Certification. We teach accredited CPE curriculum recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Be sure to read about our minimum qualifications and agree with our statement of faith, code of conduct, vision, and mission. We are unapologetically Christian and proud to partner with Kairos Prison Ministries International.

Join us! To inquire about the process just complete the information below.