Everybody Needs a Coach!

Whether you are a pastor, a chaplain, or ministry leader, having a life & leadership coach can be a paradigm shifting experience to help you grow in faith, life, and success in your calling. 

Even seasoned athletes, top notch musicians, and high level business executives hire personal coaches to help them improve. The result is for many to rise to the very top of their profession.

The scripture tells us, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, rather than for human masters." Colossians 3:23. A good life coach will help you get better at this very thing.

Features and Benefits of Life Coaching

  1. It will produce life transformation in your walk with Jesus
  2. It will help you become more intentional in your life and your leadership
  3. It will help you balance your ministry, work, personal, and family life
  4. It will help you develop and follow a game plan to achieve the mission you have been called to accomplish
  5. It will provide measurements to ascertain your growth and progress in all areas of life and ministry
  6. It will give you accountability with a trusted mentor, friend, and confidante

Pastor Jim Kirkland

Jim has been a manager, leader, advisor, consultant, coach, chaplain, and pastor for 40 years. Over the years he has worked personally with hundreds of individuals, chaplains, pastors, leaders, and churches. 

He is a caring, experienced leader developer who has gained the kind of wisdom that only comes with significant life experience and learning from many mistakes, while making progress at truly living for Jesus.

Our coaching ministry is reasonably priced. You will have two sessions per month of 45 minutes to an hour. These will be conducted in person if distance is not a factor, or otherwise by phone or video conferencing. 

If you are interested in finding out more about personal life coaching, or you would like to sponsor your pastor for coaching, contact Pastor Jim by email at jim@christianchaplains.org

Coaching is a 6 Step Process

1. Personal Awareness

How would you describe, in real time, what you look like now? Are you satisfied with yourself right now? Identify the areas of frustration and dissatisfaction. This will help identify your starting point so that you can properly chart a course to the place of your vision. Let’s be real here. Where are you and who are you really?

2. Vision

If you became all that God is asking you to be and doing what He asks you to do, what would you look like? If you could peek 5 or 10 years into the future and see yourself and your people accomplishing the mission, and you could describe what you look like to someone else, you have a vision statement.

3. Mission

What is God saying to you right now about what He wants you to do, and what are we going to do about it?              

Note the two components in this question:

  • What is God saying to you? This is your call and missional purpose.
  • Who is we? These will be the people who will join you in the mission.

4. Values

What are your core values and passions that are shared by you and your people? Core Values describe why you do the things you choose to do that will help you accomplish your mission.

5. Strategy

Now, let's work to create a plan of action that will help you make progress at reaching your destination.

6. Obstacles

What are the obstacles that are currently and potentially in your way that make it a challenge to make progress toward your vision and accomplishing your mission? These include personal, spiritual, experience, people, and material needs. 

Helpful Life Coaching Resources

We have lots of helpful resources to help you on your journey, they are free to download and use for anyone who signs up for our Life Coaching program. You will need a password to view them.

If you are interested in join the Christian Chaplains & Coaching Life Coaching program and gaining access to these files, please email jim@christianchaplains.org