Indianapolis Conference


Meet with each of our vendors in the lobby to chat, learn about their organizations, and enter a raffle to win some fabulous prizes.

  • Christian Chaplains & Coaching

    We are an Ecclesiastical Ministry set apart for the Christian Church to serve laity as a Chaplain endorsing and ordaining organization. We teach, equip, and ordain qualified candidates for volunteer and professional chaplaincy. Our mission is to "Restore Chaplaincy to its Christian roots."


  • Workforce Chaplains

    Workforce Chaplains helps organizations by impacting culture, through loving, caring and serving the employees. We provide emotional and spiritual support from an optional, confidential and non-denominational framework. Available 24/7/365 we provide a much needed benefit and resource for companies and their employees. We offer a diverse chaplain team to meet the needs of any organization.

  • Kairos Prison Ministry International

    By bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into prison and to the family impacted by incarceration, Kairos is widely recognized as a highly effective program that positively changes the persons’ attitude and behavior. The Kairos full program involves an extensive Weekend time along with regular gatherings through Continuing Ministry. Kairos is one ministry composed of three programs, Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, and Kairos Torch. Christian Chaplains & Coaching teaches and trains qualified Kairos volunteers to become ordained Chaplains, approved to serve Kairos as Clergy. Click here to learn more about this collaboration for ordination.

  • Clinical Pastoral Education International

    CPEI’s vision is to provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for clinical pastoral education. CPEI's mission is to provide quality, inclusive, and life-transforming clinical pastoral education internationally through online and hybrid modalities to develop competent pastoral clinicians and supervisory educators. This ministry teaches CPE and provides Board Certification. In collaboration with Christian Chaplains & Coaching, CPEI is in process of full accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commissions. Jim Kirkland leads their Finance Committee, and serves on their Executive Board. Ray Huff is developing the Learning Management System and leading the Techology Team. 

  • Evangelical Chaplains Commission

    The Evangelical Chaplains Commission provides support and endorsement for evangelicals to minister as chaplains in the military and in civilian capacities. The Commission also connects and convenes the chaplain ministries of evangelical denominations, making it the largest representative body of chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans Administration. Christian Chaplains & Coaching collaborates with them to endorse and place qualified Chaplain candidates to serve as Military Chaplains. 

  • Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies

    The Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies is a chaplain-focused endeavor of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute. Our mission is to equip, support, and advocate for chaplains and their diverse ministries by working together with seminaries, denominational endorsing agents, vocational institutions, and agencies dedicated to effective chaplain ministry. The Marsh Center equips with relevant resources, supports through research, and advocates for chaplains and their ministry.

  • Idaho Chaplains Association

    In collaboration with local communities, organizations, and government agencies, the purpose and goal of the Idaho Chaplains Association (ICA) is to mobilize and equip chaplains to serve and support by being the spiritual and emotional presence during life’s critical moments. ICA collaborates with Christian Chaplains & Coaching for ordination and endorsement of all Chaplains who serve with the ICA. 

  • Baptist Bible Seminary at Clarks Summit University

    Baptist Bible Seminary at Clarks Summit University offers advanced degree programs that are Christ focused, Scripture driven and immediately applicable to students' unique ministry needs, including chaplaincy positions because of our collaboration with Christian Chaplains & Coaching. For those who take four units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) from Christian Chaplains & Coaching, you will earn 20 hours toward a Masters in Divinity Degree, qualifying for Board Certified Chaplain. 

  • God's Bible School and College

    God's Bible School and College offers master's degrees in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology. A partnership with CC&C allows chaplains to earn 24 graduate credits from CPEs toward an MA in Ministry - Chaplaincy degree. For more information, visit

  • Cradle My Heart

    Cradle My Heart is an outreach to those impacted by reproductive grief and loss. In addition to her chaplaincy, Kim Ketola is a peer counselor and trained facilitator for abortion recovery support. She's also equipping and encouraging pastors and church leaders to lead their members in both repenting of and preventing abortion. She's hosted many local and national broadcasts, and is the author of the Amazon bestseller "Cradle My Heart, Finding God's Love After Abortion." 

  • SharedXP LLC

    SharedXP provides part-time Executive Pastor services to medium and small churches. SharedXP excels at helping stuck churches reaffirm their values, vision, and mission, and create a road map to guide your next steps. We also help pastors by being a confidential resource to help them process the pressures and stress of God and people honoring ministry. We feature ministry-sensitive pricing that gives you access to over 250 generic policies, best practice finance, and budgeting tools.

  • Prison Fellowship

    Prison Fellowship® is the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. Established on the belief that all people are created in God’s image and that no life is beyond His reach, Prison Fellowship takes a restorative approach to all those affected by crime and incarceration.

  • Wesley Seminary

    Wesley Seminary prepares Christian leaders to engage in missional ministry locally and globally. Complete your seminary degree online while remaining rooted in your ministry context. We offer a Certificate in Christian Ministry Formation; Master's degrees in Ministry, Divinity and Theological Studies; and a Doctor of Ministry. Scholarships are available!