Indianapolis Conference

Plenary Sessions

All Plenary Sessions will be held in the Haverstick Sanctuary and will cover a variety of topics. Learn more below.

  • Opening Session: State of Chaplaincy

    11:00am-12:00pm Thursday, September 21

    Hosted by Jim Kirkland, MTS, BCC, CPES
    Executive Director of Christian Chaplains & Coaching

    Welcome and introductions. What to expect in this conference. An overview of Ministry, Spiritual Care, and Chaplaincy from a Christian perspective as we serve in the world. Put on your armor. We all need to be ready to serve people in crisis, and to respond well to a disaster when it comes to your community. 

  • Past, Present and Future

    7:00pm-8:00pm Thursday, September 21

    Hosted by Rev. Marcus Schrader, M.DIV., Ordained Chaplain

    Founder and President of Workforce Chaplains

    (Your) Past, (Your) Present and (God's) Future for you. We all have a past that we cannot change nor should we try to. We all currently are in the present doing God's will or contemplating what God's will is for us today. We all have a future that we may or may not understand yet, see clearly or even thing is possible. However, with God all things are possible and His will is best. I want to help you today to see God's hand in your past, see His hand right now in your present and to trust that He will guide you clearly and lovingly into the future He has prepared for you. Never forget that God's Work, Done in God's Way, will never lack God's Supply.

  • The High Cost of Caring

    8:30am-9:30am Friday, September 22

    Hosted by Dr. Dallas Speight, Ed.D., D. Min., CPE Training Supervisor, LPC 

    Executive Director of Clinical Pastoral Education International

    Ministry can be both rewarding and challenging. Unfortunately, both ends of this spectrum can be costly. Concepts to be explored are to how to maintain a positive outlook and enjoy the ministry one is called to versus being reminded of it as drudgery.

    Learning Outcomes: At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

    • Describe the compelling rewards and challenges of ministry.
    • Define concepts of overload, contributing overload, and symptoms,
    • Clarify means for finding a balance in ministry.
  • Ministry to those Incarcerated

    2:00pm-3:00pm Friday, September 22

    Hosted by Evelyn Lemly, MBA 

    CEO of Kairos Prison Ministry International

    Overview of the Correctional Ministry world. Sharing on the importance of ministry in prisons and the impact on the family and society. The importance of sharing hope in dark places that can change the individuals future.

  • Friday night: Call to Arms

    7:00pm-9:00pm Friday, September 22

    Hosted by Jim Kirkland, MTS BCC CPES

    Executive Director of Christian Chaplains & Coaching

    and Ray Huff, MDiv BCC CPES

    Education Director of Christian Chaplains & Coaching

    Now is the time to enter the world with the knowledge of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy from a Christian perspective. Join us for a time of worship, followed by a call to arms, and a general discussion with Q&A by our panel of speakers led by Chaplain Ray Huff. 


    12:30pm-1:30pm Saturday, September 23

    Hosted by Steve West, Colonel U.S. Air Force Command Chaplain (Retired)

    Director of The National Association of Evangelicals "Chaplain Commission" for Department of Defense Chaplain Endorsement

    Author of The Bronze Scar

    Trauma informed care for PTSD requires empathy and understanding. For those who have never experienced it, they need to know how it feels. For those who suffer with its symptoms, it is difficult to explain. There are many resources that can teach you what PTSD is. This presentation will help you understand how it feels. This will equip you to provide spiritual care to those who experienced trauma.