Continuing Education Requirements (CE Credits)

Required 60 hours of CE every 3 years (20 Hours of CE per year). These hours may be obtained by any combination of items from the following list. Our Chaplains simply need to attest that they have accomplished any combination of the following:

  1. BIBLE: Read the entire Bible, cover to cover, over a 3 year period. - 40 HOURS

  2. BIBLE STUDY: Participate in any weekly bible study of your church or small group. - 10 HOURS (Per 4 weeks)

  3. THE TRUTH PROJECT: Participate in the 12 week truth project study available HERE - 30 HOURS

  4. CONFERENCE: Attend any full day retreat or conference offered by your church, by Christian Chaplains & Coaching Inc., or any Christian ministry. - 6 HOURS (Per full day)

  5. CISM or CERT: Obtain your Certification in “Critical Incident Stress Management” or "Community Emergency Response Team" by participating training available in your area and earn CE. Hours vary depending on the course work you do. A great resource for certified training in Crisis Response can be found at K-Love CRT (Crisis Response Training). We will accept for CE any course taken through them. Consider the classes by clicking HERE

  6. MARRIAGE: Become a certified facilitator for Marriage and Pre-Marriage counseling by completing the online course HERE - 10 HOURS

  7. PERSONAL STUDY: Our chaplains are encouraged to engage in personal development of their craft as chaplains and life coaches. Feel free to send us a description of a study or program you intend to take and we will assess it and assign a CE credit to you for it.

  8. ONLINE COURSES OF CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINS & COACHING: As we add online courses you may sign up for and complete any course as available. Courses will be designed to be completed in 6 weeks. Check back often as we will be developing courses and adding them to our website. - 20 HOURS EACH COURSE.

  9. BOOK STUDY: Read any book from the following approved reading list. This list will be expanded over time so check back often. - 10 HOURS (Per book; read any 6 to obtain your 60 hour requirement)

    View a list of approved books for Continuing Education, here.

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