vision statement

We reach thousands for Christ by training and equipping mature believers to be commissioned as Chaplains globally, to work effectively in secular settings. 

We empower lay believers to serve as volunteer chaplains as well as professionally trained and credentialed vocational chaplains.  

We train and equip chaplains, leaders, pastors, to live missional lives in the context of community by serving well together. 

We provide effective life coaching and mentoring so that growth in personal spirituality and multiplication of ministry may be achieved. 

We encourage a team approach to ministry that produces the image of Christ as the body of Christ is pictured in the New Testament. No-one can serve effectively by themselves. No Lone Ranger Chaplains here.

We produce a growing and contagious excitement about the mission that multiplies and expands the Gospel in our communities and beyond.

We teach professional Chaplaincy including accredited Clinical Pastoral Education leading to professional Board Certification. Our Chaplains become a caring presence, non-judgmental, not condemning, while engaging in loving relationships that strive to listen to understand rather than to prescribe. We never force our faith unwanted on anyone. We learn to share our faith as invited to do so. We love and care for everyone no matter how they live. 

We partner with Seminaries to provide education opportunities toward master's and doctoral degrees in pastoral counseling, spiritual care, and chaplaincy. 

We collaborate and partner with Missionary Organizations, Chaplain Associations, Workforce Chaplains, Hospitals and other clinical sites, Veterans Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Police & Fire Departments, Churches, and any institution interested in training and education in all things Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy. 

Technology and excellent distance education that produces effective learning environments and builds relationships is the hallmark of our teaching. 

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