We've collaborated with a host of professionals who will speak on a variety of topics. Learn more below. 

  • Chaplaincy Options (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

    10:00am-11:00am Friday September 22—Room 131


    3:15pm-4:15pm Friday September 22—Room 133

    Hosted by Rev. Marcus Schrader, MDiv, Ordained Chaplain

    Founder and President of Workforce Chaplains

    You want to be a chaplain right? Great, so what are your options? Will you get paid or will it be volunteer work? Should you serve at a hospital, a sports team, Athletes in Action, a police department, in the military, for a hospice agency, a nursing home or for a business? Is this a part-time gig or are there full-time options. I feel led to do chaplain ministry, but I am not quite sure my options, what's best for me or even God's will. I will share my story and insights I have gained.

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

    11:30am-12:30pm Friday, September 22—Room 131


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 131

    Hosted by Ray Huff, MDiv, BCC, CPES

    Education Director of Christian Chaplains & Coaching

    Training isn't just for the professionals. We hold that all of our Chaplains are professional, but some are more highly trained and educated for vocational Chaplaincy. In this session you will learn all about the life change and transformational experience of participation in Clinical Pastoral Education. Ray will explain the curriculum, its objectives, and the various certifications you may achieve with four units of completed CPE, including Board Certified Chaplain or Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. Welcome to the journey!

  • Impacting the Prisons with effective programs

    11:30am-12:30pm Friday, September 22—Room 133


    10:00am-11:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 131

    Hosted by Evelyn Lemly, MBA

    CEO of Kairos Prison Ministry International

    Less violence, better re-entry into society, improved recidivism are signs of an effective program inside the prisons. Discussion on why Kairos is effective in working with Prison Chaplains to impact the lives of individuals, the families, the facilities, society.

  • Building a Strong and Healthy Team

    3:15pm-4:15pm Friday, September 22—Room 132


    10:00am-11:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 133

    Hosted by Dr. Dallas Speight, Ed.D., D. Min., CPE Training Supervisor, LPC

    Executive Director of Clinical Pastoral Education International

    Building a strong and healthy team is critical to the success of any organization. Gain insight into lessons learned, positively and negatively, in building such a team.

  • Hope in the Sea of Despair - Caring for Modern Youth and Young Adults - Prevention, Intervention, Reinvention

    10:00AM - 11:00am Friday, September 22—Room 133


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 134

    Hosted by Dr. Ron Harvell, D.Min, M.Div, MS 

    Director of The Dewey Center for Chaplaincy, Charleston Southern University

    Discover ways to prevent crisis in the lives of modern youth and young adults using Biblical long-range prevention strategies, tools for effective intervention, and ways to create growth and development during intervention.

  • Disaster Readiness and Crisis Response

    10:00am-11:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 135

    Hosted by Jonathan Dulin, BA, Certified Chaplain

    Disaster and crisis arrive without warning. Each event is unique in the devastation and pain it inflicts. How can you prepare yourself for the unexpected? How can you be ready for the pain you will encounter? This breakout session is designed to aid this preparation. The goal is to reach out respectfully, to listen deeply, and to give appropriate care. To accomplish this one must learn intrapersonal skills in order to navigate through the world of trauma.

  • Stress Management

    10:00-11:00am Friday, September 22—Room 130


    3:15pm-4:15pm Friday, September 22—Room 130

    Hosted by Dr. Angella Allison Davis, MDiv, PsyD, Member Chaplain

    This workshop on Stress Management is preventive in nature and geared toward promoting

    healthy individual responses to stress or alleviating difficulties before they seriously affect the

    individual, family, or ministry. The goal is to provide education and training to help chaplains and clergy acquire or recall the personal knowledge and skills necessary to improve their well-being, their relationships with others, and cope effectively with stress.

  • A Spiritual Approach to Reproductive Loss

    11:30am-12:30pm Friday, September 22—Room 132


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 135

    Hosted by Kim Ketola, BS, UNWSP, Chaplain

    Host and Executive Producer of Cradle My Heart Radio

    Annually, half of all US pregnancies end in miscarriage or abortion. Disenfranchised grief and complicated mourning may affect mental health in ways best addressed with a spiritual approach. Grieving reproductive loss remains taboo even in many religious settings, and the lack of rituals or other comforting supports only increases the pain. This workshop proposes a spiritual approach, including screening questions, for chaplains to address and resolve reproductive grief.

  • Healing the Wounded Heart

    3:15pm-4:15pm Friday, September 22—Room 131


    10:00am-11:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 130

    Hosted by Liz McGraw, DMin, MDiv, Chaplain

    Master Facilitator with Trauma Healing Institute

    Trauma is an event that causes intense fear and hopelessness. Many people go through life feeling the effects of trauma and not knowing how to deal with it. But there is great news! With the proper tools we can heal and move beyond our traumatic experiences.

  • Prepare-Enrich premarital and marriage assessment for working with couples

    11:30am-12:30pm Friday, September 22—Room 130


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—130

    Hosted by Scott Tilley, DMin, BCC, CFHPC, Chaplain

    Campus Pastor at River Oaks Community Church

    Prepare-Enrich assessment offers a baseline when working with couples, both premarital and married, made up of the responses from each couple. Committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength and growth areas. Professionals across multiple disciplines regard Prepare/Enrich as one of the most effective tools in their professional toolbox.

  • Christian Chaplaincy in a Psychologized Age

    10:00am-11:00am Friday, September 22—Room 132


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—132

    Hosted by Chaplain Jose Reyes, MDiv, Grief Recovery Method Specialist (GRMS), Chaplain

    Discussing a short segment on the requierements for Veterans Administration Chaplaincy. What does it mean to be a Christian Chaplain in a psychologized age, and the battle ground it is to function as one. Learn to navigate the expectations of secular environments without deviating from the mission of the Gospel. Stay in your lane of Christian spiritual care. 

  • Preparing Community Chaplains for Serving in a Secular World

    11:30am-12:30pm Friday, September 22—Room 135


    8:00am-9:00am Saturday, September 23—Room 133

    Hosted by Chaplain Barry Surratt, MAGTS, BECC, SIT

    Director of Chaplain Training at Idaho Chaplains Association

    Join me to learn about developing a community chaplain ministry where you live. How to build your team? What will your team need to learn? You will benefit from the experience of the Idaho Chaplains Association who created Chaplain teams to serve in adult correctional facilities as well as creating a community chaplain training program to serve first responders as well as people who live near us suffering loss or crisis. Idaho Chaplains Association works in partnership with Christian Chaplains and Coaching. Learn how to provide excellent training resources along with chaplain ordination and endorsement on a local and national level while creating a community chaplain internship program in your area.